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 Prefect Rules

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Liza Saline
Deputy Headmistress/Head of Malum
Deputy Headmistress/Head of Malum
Liza Saline

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Prefect Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Prefect Rules   Prefect Rules EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 5:38 pm

Well the Prefects have rules too.

1. You can only take points from your own house. You cannot give points.

2. If you see anyone breaking site rules report it to an Admin.

3. You can post in topics that are meant for two people but only in they are in the common room or in the hall. You cannot interrupt posts in the dorm rooms or in the room or requirement.

4. If you abuse your position Teachers as well as Admins may take away your position.

Well that's all Simple rules. Any problems contact an Admin and we'll sort them out. And yes If the admin is a student, (Me) You may punish them if they are breaking rules Razz

Your lovely admins

Prefect Rules 2449218b-c814-40a2-af8b-3ad2d7a681e4_zps23fa8a5c
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Prefect Rules
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