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 Creature Rules

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Vincent Rain
Head Healer/Admin/Co-Founder
Head Healer/Admin/Co-Founder
Vincent Rain

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PostSubject: Creature Rules   Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:27 am

Hello one and all! I know what you must be thinking, 'Even more rules that suck?!?' No pun intended, but yes, even creatures have to have rules, and here they are!

Rule 1. Vampires can NOT turn someone's character unless that is part of the plot or the characters handler is okay with it, this is the same for werewolves.

Rule 2. No creature can invade another one's territory unless it is okay with the characters and their handlers.

Rule 3. Creatures aren't all invincible, they have to at least be somewhat vulnerable ie: a vampire can walk in the sunlight but can't touch silver or be near garlic.

Rule 4: A Vampire CAN have children, but their mate MUST be another Vampire, otherwise they can't.

Rule 5. A werewolf can only change during a full moon, not just whenever they want unless they are an animangus.

There's the rules everyone, see, they're not so bad. If y'all could please follow them than everything'll go smoothly.


Admin team.

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Creature Rules
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