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 The Age of Difference ( AN AU Divergent RPG )

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Alyssa Roux

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The Age of Difference ( AN AU Divergent RPG ) Empty
PostSubject: The Age of Difference ( AN AU Divergent RPG )   The Age of Difference ( AN AU Divergent RPG ) EmptyTue Apr 28, 2015 10:58 pm

The Age of Difference ( AN AU Divergent RPG ) 1sbp00
The Age of Difference
An AU Divergent Roleplay

Twenty years have past since Tris Prior had been killed by saving her brother, as well as that being the fall of the factions. Since then the factions have rebuild and now are accepting Divergent, and as well as including the Factionless a faction, for people who are different and prefer to not fit in. They are also there for being a faction of uniqueness which is something they contribute to society. As well as being the prime divergent faction. Where divergents have the option to go or they can go to on of the other factions.

With these years divergents have even ceased to lead factions, one is particular being Emma Hunter the current leader of Erudite, after the previous leader had resignd, which being Caleb Prior. Who had known the true identity of who Emma was which had been Emma Eaton the daughter of the late Tris Prior an Tobias Eaton. Who to everyone's dismay left Dauntless to join Erudite where her uncle resided who had made her leader after resigning due to people knowing he was hiding things.

With all that another thing is that Emma's brother Galen is in Dauntless, and on his way to becoming a leader of Dauntless, which will happen after the current one retires or is killed. As well as their being a blood vs blood battle which is between Emma and Galen who are going against each other. As well as them being divergent, and very powerful. Now that divergents are allowed their is still no safe ground because the blood vs blood battle is beginning.

Which may lead to everything going back to the way it used too.
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The Age of Difference ( AN AU Divergent RPG )
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