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Vincent Rain
Head Healer/Admin/Co-Founder
Head Healer/Admin/Co-Founder
Vincent Rain

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How to Use Empty
PostSubject: How to Use   How to Use EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 5:38 am

So. This is kinda more of an IC type of deal and I had nowhere else to put it lol, but it can be used for OOC purposes as well Smile. This is where, either yourself or your charrie, can write whatever they want and you can post them here, for example Melody Warren is the Editor and Chief of the Daily Prophet. So she'll post IC things here, like news reports, celebrity related things, etc; this is just until I can think of where else she could put them lol. But be sure if it's an OOC thing to put that at the top of your post.

Hope that explains. Very Happy


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How to Use
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